Celtics react to the biggest win in the NBA this season (w/ video)

It's hard to argue last night's history-breaking 109-106 Celtics win at Golden State wasn't the best victory of Brad Stevens' tenure in Boston.  I'd also make the case that considering the time of the year and with all eyes around the league on the Warriors' epic run, it was likely the single biggest win the in the NBA this season.

Here's what Stevens, Jared Sullinger, Isaiah Thomas and Marcus Smart had to say afterwards:

The Celtics locker room was also quit a lively place post-game. From Evan Turner's Instagram:

A video posted by evan turner (@slumdog_mi11ionaire) on

No word on whether or not this Warriors fan has recovered yet:

After following up a scoreless first half with an 18-point third quarter, Isaiah gave credit to a new pair of shoes he put on at halftime:

Best of all, watch Jae Crowder meet Isaiah in the tunnel after the final buzzer sounded:

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