All the Celtics' injured eyeballs should be ready to go vs. Bucks Friday

Marcus Smart took an elbow to the face while blocking a shot with 2:44 remaining in the Celtics 104-97 win over the Pelicans Wednesday.  A minute later, Smart air-balled a three-pointer as blood trickled into his eye.  It actually worked out great for the Celtics, who were clinging to a two-point lead (95-93) at the time:

At that point Smart went to the locker room to get stitches, becoming the second Celtics player in as many games to depart late in the fourth quarter with an eye injury.

Earlier in the evening, Evan Turner spoke about the eye abrasion he suffered against Lakers.  Via Chris Forsberg of ESPN Boston:

I don't know anything about a scratch. I thought that bad boy came out. I didn't know -- all I saw was black. So I was kind of freaking out. I thought of 'Any Given Sunday,' when his eye came out on the field. So I was saying, 'No, damn, if I can't see out my left eye that would suck.' I'm glad it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. 
I just ran off the court. I didn't want to be on the ground whining. Does this hurt you? Yeah, I curled up the fetal position for like eight seconds and then I was like, 'No, I can't go out like this.' If I'm going to cry out of my good eye, it's going to be in the back. That's why I ran to the back.

Turner appeared fine though, and was annoyed the doctors wouldn't let him suit up:

Now, if you're wondering about the strangely worded title, it's in response to the @Celtics Twitter account's difficulties identifying the difference between left and right:

Let's hope all four of Evan and Marcus' eyes are in working condition when the C's take on Milwaukee.

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