Report: Boston went after Jimmy Butler at the trade deadline

For anyone saying "Jahlil Okafor can't be the only big name Danny Ainge went after at the trade deadline," here's your confirmation that you were correct.

According to Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald, Ainge also tried to make a move for Chicago Bulls star Jimmy Butler.
It’s been said that Chicago’s Jimmy Butler would be a good fit here, but multiple sources are telling the Herald that the Celts did, in fact, make a strong move for the 6-foot-7 wing.

According to one source that had at least one player who could have been involved in the potential transaction, the Celtics were willing to give up two first-round draft picks this year — the unprotected pick from the Nets and Dallas’ choice, which is protected 1-through-7.

Butler makes a ton of sense for Boston. He gives them an upgrade at the wing (no offense to Jae Crowder) with his elite defense and ability to shoulder more of the scoring load so teams can't shut down Isaiah Thomas. He's one of the players fans were drooling over when Boston was said to be trying to trade for a star and for good reason.

That being said, there's a reason Chicago said no thanks.

Giving up the Brooklyn pick and Dallas pick this year just simply isn't enough. Even throwing in another Brooklyn pick still seems unfair. Butler is the real deal. Maybe all those picks and Marcus Smart might have piqued the Bulls interest, but that may have been too much for Ainge.

It's good to see Ainge is trying to snag a young superstar to go with this talented-but-not-great roster. Hopefully one of these teams bites in the summer. The alternative is to continue the youth movement with that Brooklyn pick which isn't the worst spot to be in.

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