Green Envy: What Blazers fans said - (3/2/16)

A 30-12 third quarter launched the Celtics to their 12th straight home win of season over Portland. The Trail Blazers were hot coming into the matchup, but Boston was up for the challenge. As far as Blazers fans were concerned, they weren't totally distraught when realizing it was their teams 4th game in 5 nights. It must have been mentioned on their fan forums at least 60% of all their posts come second half. There could easily be an entire post on just those. I saved you from most of them, but rightfully so after a 20+ point win, there was still plenty of green envy.

Top Three

Anyone ever been to Boston? I haven't, but this is what I imagine hearing at a Celtics game: "Hey Masha. Get me anatha Sam Adams Bastan Laga on ya way to tha bathroom. And if Pawtland is up by maw than 10 with 2 minutes left then we should get to tha packin' lat early to beat tha traffic. I gotta wak tamarra early anyway."

Are those zipties holding Crowder's hair?

I knew we were going to lose as soon as I heard Tony Brothers was reffing the game.

Mandatory Sully/Big Baby Comparison

Sullinger totally reminds me of Big Baby Davis. Literally and figuratively.


Bostons floor is my favorite

I like Crowder's game

Marcus Smart is such a good two way player

Avery Bradley is one of my favorite players to watch play defense.

Serious accusations

That sounds like pumped in fan noise.

It did seem to me that the noise got louder and more enthusiastic than would be expected at that point in the game.

Pre Game Chatter

Man this is gonna be tough

I look at Boston's starting lineup and can't figure out how they're 10 games over .500. I guess playing in that horrible division helps.

We will have arrived when we make them Irish cry!

This should be a great game. We might see these guys in the Finals in a few years.

Celtics with the Tacoma/Seattle backcourt! My second favorite backcourt in the league!

I just got a Tommy Point while eating my CHOWDDAH!

Celtics play well as a team. But looking at the overall talent, we should win this game easily.

Full Slate:

Bradley just in Dame's jersey.

Someone needs to shut down Chowder...or whatever his name is. Him burying shots while standing wide open is not acceptable.

Oh shit, Jerebko is still in the league?

Has Tommy Heinsohn started crying yet?

When did Bradley become a shooter?

Thomas draws so many fouls

This boston team is like the Portland of the east.

Man atleast we have one superstar but Boston although similarly like us have no all NBA talent

I gotta give the slight edge to Stevens for COY

We can't do anything on defense.

Sullinger is just destroying Noah.

Celtics are one of the worst teams we could have possible faced at the end of a 4 in 5 nights road trip.

Dame got a lot of contact and no whistle, been that kind of game so far need a huge amount of contact for any whistle it seems.

Wow we scored.

Man I missed the second half so far but looks like the Blazers did too...clear the bench

Boston definitely playing intense. Up by 20+ and still playing D like a mother******.

These are the days I think the lottery doesn't sound so bad when it's all said and done

Boston is a helluva team... We just didn't have it. Oh well.

Alright...a little 22 pt run here and we'll be fine

Shit happens

We got embarrassed tonight

We will get em back in Portland.

Shoutout to the Celtics...they kicked our butts...get the next one...Go Blazers!

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