Evan Turner morphing into 'lethal' three-point shooter?

Back in December, I wrote a post titled The three-point line is not Evan Turner's friend--and that was an understatement.  At the time, Turner was 5-for-37 (13.5 percent) from deep on the season.

Now things are starting to change.  Turner has knocked down a three-pointer in each of the Celtics last three games:

In the past week, Turner has raised his three-point percentage from 17.1 to 21.3:

Turner has actually fared much butter from beyond the arc ever since the All-Star break, going 7-of-13 since mid February:

The accuracy might well be a coincidence given the small sample size, but that's also part of the reason for his recent success--Turner has become much more judicial with his three-point attempts, taking them less frequently and only at the right times.  He's also clearly making an effort to improve:

Over one two-game stretch last week, Turner's long-range proficiency peaked just as reigning-MVP Steph Curry's hit rock bottom, allowing for this bizarre statistical anomaly:

As Grande mentioned, Turner and the C's have a showdown with Curry and the Warriors in Oakland on Friday.

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