At this rate come summertime maybe LeBron James will be Boston's big free agent signing

The Cleveland Cavaliers were pathetic in a loss to the Brooklyn Nets tonight. Normally a Cavs loss would make me smile, but this was supposed to be a guaranteed loss for the Nets (with our pick). You can't blame LeBron, who shot 13 for 16. You can blame his costars though as Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love shot 11 of 36 from the field and an abysmal 1 of 13 on 3's. From the looks of this vine, it appears LeBron wasn't a fan of the Cavs defense, or lack thereof.

Not sure I've ever seen an unhappier 1st place team. They fired their coach (while in first place as well) and apparently that wasn't the problem. LeBron is allegedly not getting along with Kyrie and has had separate meetings recently with the Cavs head coach and GM, Lue and Griffin respectively. In addition, LeBron unfollowed the Cavs on Twitter causing a big stir.

So maybe while we keep on talking about the remote chance of Kevin Durant coming to Boston, we should also mention the idea of LeBron coming here. Yeah, yeah I know, the chance is extremely remote. Maybe 3%. Who knows. The funnier question is would Celtics fans even want LeBron in Boston? So without further adieu:

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