Tanguay takes cluelessness to new level by suggesting Anthony Davis was mystery star C's almost acquired

It's hard to unanimously say who is the worst member of the mainstream media in Boston. There are more than a handful of contenders. But in terms of being clueless Gary Tanguay has to win the chicken dinner. And that was before he suggested Anthony Davis was the mystery star Ainge almost acquired on Thursday.
The Spurs aren't dumping anyone. I can’t see Minnesota getting rid of Andrew Wiggins or Karl-Anthony Town. LeBron? Of course not. Dirk Nowitzki in Dallas and Dwyane Wade in Miami are too old. Paul George in Indiana? That wouldn't a blockbuster in my opinion, but he could also fall under the label of "good, solid" player.

So by the process of elimination, I've come up with . . .

Anthony Davis. New Orleans Pelicans.

Certainly, a blockbuster. I don't know how a coach could call him a "good, solid" player, but the reality is his 23.4 points, 9 rebounds and 1.9 blocks per game have not been good enough to lift his team to a contending level. Why would the Pelicans deal him? Well, Davis may have great numbers but the team stinks (20-33 this year) and he just signed a five-year, $145 million deal. If you pay a player that kind of money, your team should be better than 13 games under .500. Plus, if New Orleans acquires the Nets' No. 1 pick in a trade for Davis, and it winds up being the top overall choice in the draft, the Pelicans can select Ben Simmons from nearby LSU and begin a full-blown rebuild with a local player. (That could be one of the reasons Ainge hinted the deal could be revisited in the offseason; if the Celts wind up with the No. 1 overall pick, a Davis trade would make a lot of sense.)

Would I trade this year’s Brooklyn pick for Davis? You bet. Heck, I would trade them all for The Brow because I believe Danny could build a great roster around him

Oh you'd offer all the Nets picks Gary? Really? You don't even get an "Im hanging up" to that offer. At 22 years of age, and signed for 5 years, Anthony Davis might have more trade value that anyone in the league. The Pelicans are not trading him for ping pong balls with the hope they win the lottery and draft Ben Simmons. And then the hope that he turns into as big a star as Anthony Davis. No less about the NBA Gary. You can't.

Bill Simmons even chimed in during his hiatus:

Look fans come up with unrealistic trade ideas all the time. We see them in our comments section. Tanguay would have been laughed off our comments section if he suggested the Celtics were close to trading for Anthony Davis. The fact that CSNNE pays him big money to spew nonsense on the daily is extremely perplexing. Maybe that's Tanguay's excuse. Maybe he thinks, "Well I still have a job despite being incompetent, so in the words of KG, 'Anything is possible.'" And with that "anything is possible" premise, he doesn't rule out Anthony Davis as the mystery star, similar to how fans sometimes suggest the possibility of another GM getting drunk and trading us a star. But titling your post, "C's blockbuster may have centered around Davis" is taking throwing shit at the wall to another level. No the blockbuster certainly did not center around Anthony Davis. If you think it did, you're a complete moron. And if you don't think it did, but still wrote that headline/piece you're not an ethical journalist. You're a clickbait hack.

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