Marcus Smart needs to stop flopping so much

I'm actually surprised Marcus Smart hasn't been fined by the league yet.  Here's the official description of the NBA's flopping rule, which can result in a warning followed by a series of increasing fines:

'Flopping' will be defined as any physical act that appears to have been intended to cause the referees to call a foul on another player. The primary factor in determining whether a player committed a flop is whether his physical reaction to contact with another player is inconsistent with what would reasonably be expected given the force or direction of the contact.

Now take a look at this clip of Smart from last night:

And this one from Friday:

These are just two (of many) recent instances that happened to make their way around the internet.  If you do a google image search for "Marcus Smart flop", it's clear this is not a new behavior for him, but rather a bad habit he's had since his Oklahoma State days (and maybe longer).

It's time for Marcus to cut that crap out.

He's already going to have enough trouble getting along with the refs because of his tenacious in-your-face defense.  Once he also becomes known as one of the league's worst floppers, it'll be all the more difficult for him to get calls his way.

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