Green Envy- What Pistons fans said- 2/3

Well the game got a little bit too close towards the end but it was uplifting to see the Celtics get a victory they needed on their home court. Stan Van Gundy is somewhere just crushing a steak and cheese with a tall bud light, pissed off about this loss, just like the Pistons fans

Top Three comments from the only people in the world who hate Brad Stevens:

Fuck Brad Stevens, Fuck Boston

OH FUCK YOU BRAD STEVENS. I hate this piece of shit coach with all the fibers of my body!!

Brad Stevens is a bad word!!

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Sullinger has never eaten a vegetable before

That's not true. There is lettuce on a Big Mac.

kentavious shaqtin a fool

Reggie doesn't want to play D today. He hurt his thumb Saturday
is the excuse. It must be a day that ends with "y."

Reggie free throws no way. It will be his only 2 of the game

Are all of our starters drunk? Sheesh

Fuck start playing?

This is pathetic. Put the bench in, maybe they’ll show some effort.

Amir Johnson. He had an extremely dirty play last time we played them. Fuck him

Sullinger breathing hard

It's funny cuz you look at the Celtics, and they look like a D league team, at best, in terms of their physical statures. Very oddly shaped people.

God we look shit

Quit turning the fucking ball over

Did we forget how to basketball?

A 16pt first quarter... what the hell guys?

Of course... fuck you Marcus Smart

Don't worry he will do more dumb crap look at his hairdo

Just got home from renewing my driver's license.Fuck Marcus Smart, fuck Boston, that is all

One of those "Fuck this team"-quarters So many bricks and turnovers and bad D ..

(Midway through the second quarter Pistons fans starting discussing Valentines Day)

I know this guy who purposely asks girls out after Valentine's Day .Or breaks up with them right before Valentine’s Day.

People like that don’t deserve to have a girlfriend

Agreed. His reason is so he doesn’t have to waste money on presents and stuff.

I just found a girl who thinks Valentine's day is a scam. she’d rather get a gift on a random day than on a day when i’m obligated to show love

KEEP HER And don’t forget the presents on other days thing.

(OK back to the game)


Let’s not shoot jumpers anymore. They kind of aren’t going in

Fuck Boston

I don't like Kelly Olynyk

I can’t stand Evan Turner

This might have been overshadowed because we can't make a shot anyway. But the refs have been screwing us in Boston again, how surprising!

Fuck you Brad Stevens

Like this game needed Hack a Dre to make it more irritating

KCP gets hurt because of a wet spot…fuck you Boston

Shitty court, shitty horn. Fuck this

Fuck Boston, Fuck TD Garden, Fuck the moppers, Fuck the refs, Fuck our stupid play...fuck.

Stanley Johnson looks like somebody who has never played basketball out there

These refs can suck a weee tiny … wee

Warriors have 7 more points in the 1st Q than we have after 2 Qs

Stanley and Marcus are both worthless today. I know we don’t have any other options, but they both need to sit down for the rest of the game.

Just finished dinner, come back to see nothing has changed.. Oh well. Time for a $WAG run.

Please get Marcus out of this game

Olynyk pushes every fucking time. What a dirty fucking player. Why don’t you try to rip off Kevin Love’s arm again you piece of shit?

Remember when we called Brandon a bad defender? He looks like a first team all NBA defender out there compared to Reggie

Wait, Brandon and Reggie are in together?. Has that actually happened before?

How I miss Jonas's awkward drives to the hoop

Stanley has been total crap tonight. Calling his performance crap is disrespectful to crap

Time for Reggie to awake from his slumber

drummond is gonna be our best foul shooter for this game how about that


Gotta give it to the guys. They’ve made this into a game after farting their way through the first half.

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