Golden State Warriors break another Celtics record

What else is new? The Golden State Warriors have broken the record of earliest playoff clinch... by a day. The record was previously held by the '86 Celtics when they secured their spot in the postseason on February 28th. With the Rockets loss last night, Golden State punched their ticket on the 27th.

The '86 Celtics were led by Larry Bird who snagged regular season MVP. After setting the bar for earliest clinch, Boston cruised to the finals where they dispatched Houston in six games. The Celtics also went 40-1 at home that season. Remind you of this Golden State team and Oracle Arena?

This isn't the first Boston record the Warriors have shattered this season either. They also snapped the 08-09 squads best record by Christmas day. Meanwhile, Steph Curry also broke his own record last night for most three-pointers made in a season in an appearance where he drilled a record tying 12 threes in a game. In other words, the Golden State Warriors and crew seem intent on snapping every record in the book this season. They're still on track for breaking the Chicago Bulls best-ever 72 win season.

Topher Lane is on Twitter, @Topher_L. Photo credit: J Pat Carter/Getty Images.