Better no-look behind-the-head assist: Isaiah Thomas vs. Bucks last night, or Rajon Rondo in 2010?

Here's what a couple of Isaiah Thomas' teammates had to say about his absurd assist (above) to Jae Crowder in the final minute of last night's victory over Milwaukee:

And Jared Sullinger, via NESN's Darren Hartwell:

That was impressive. He's 5-foot-2, and for him to throw it over, I think it was Giannis (Antetokounmpo), Greg Monroe and Jabari Parker, all guys that have 20-plus inches on him? That's impressive.

As for Isaiah himself?

We have, in fact, seen that very same play from Rajon Rondo, on a dish to Ray Allen in December of 2010:

Here's another look at Thomas', which dime do you like better?

While Rondo's may have been crisper and slightly prettier, I'm going with Isaiah's for three reasons:

1. Rondo had a clearer passing lane.  As Sully said, Isaiah had three much bigger guys in his way.

2. This:

3.  Rondo's was the first bucket of the night, no pressure.  Isaiah's came at the biggest moment of the game--the Bucks had cut and 18-point second-half lead down to four (the closest they'd been since the first quarter) with just under a minute remaining.

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