Could a blizzard fix the worst three-point shooting season ever?

Marcus Smart has connected on just 17 of 87 three-point attempts this season, 19.5 percent.  That's not good.  As ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg noted, there's only one player in the NBA who's put up at least 50 threes this year while shooting a lower percentage than Smart--Evan Turner (9-for-61, 14.8 percent).  However, Turner has suited up for all 44 of Boston's games in 2015-16 and is only launching 1.4 long-range shots per outing.  Smart, on the other hand, has taken 87 triples in 23 games, and average of 3.8 per contest.

No player in NBA history has ever hoisted at least 3.8 three's per game and shot less than 20 percent from deep (h/t to Mass Live's Jay King).

Smart is aware of his three-point shooting woes and is making an effort to turn things around:

The Celtics' unscheduled day off Saturday gave Smart an opportunity to hit the gym:

If you ask me, shot selection is Marcus' biggest issue.  Sure, practicing his jumper will help, but he's got to get his number of long-range attempts down as well.  He forces far too many threes early in possessions with a defender in his face.  If he can show a little patience and only take the open looks that develop naturally in the flow of the offense, his percentage should increase dramatically.

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