Jared Sullinger still has love for Rajon Rondo

After a heartfelt tribute in his return to the TD Garden back on January 2, the Celtics will face off against Rajon Rondo for the second time since he was traded when they travel down to Mexico City, Mexico to play the Sacramento Kings. Rondo certainly left an impression on Boston, for one reason or another, and although his tenure with the Dallas Mavericks was a rocky one to say the least, he has returned to form this season with the Kings.

In my opinion, we as a fan base have more fond memories of Rondo and negative ones. I'm happy for him because, while he can sometimes be a bit of a diva, he is a great point guard who can make a difference for a team. He was a crucial part of the 2008 NBA Championship team and eventually carried the "Big Three" in the last year or two of their stay in Boston. On court accomplishments aside, it seems that Rondo had quite an impact on some of the younger players that he played with before he was traded:

Rondo has had a reputation as a locker room problem who gives coaches fits, but clearly he can take on a leadership role for younger players on his team when he wants to. Almost a year removed from being teammates, Sullinger and Rondo clearly still have a bond that means something to the both of them.

Photo Credit: Mark L. Baer/USA Today Sports
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