COJ: Is RJ Hunter creating a role-playing super faction?

A few weeks back, we here at Celticslife quickly made note of an existing relationship between Kyle Kover and Celtic rookie, RJ Hunter. The two apparently had met during RJ's time at Georgia State, and they keep in touch to the date. At that point, that was the end of the story. But some recent news has got me questioning if something much more grandiose is happening behind this friendship curtain.* Because guess who else RJ Hunter has a strong kinship with? 'The White Owl' David Lee, that's who -

Hunter entered the league a fan of Lee, who made his NBA debut when Hunter was 12. He remembers watching Lee post double-doubles on the New York Knicks and years later as a veteran leader on the reigning champion Golden State Warriors. Hunter chose to curb his admiration while they got to know one another, which included stories of winning a title.

“He’s the teammate I talk to the most. Since day one, he took me in,” said Hunter. “I think it was a respect thing off the bat … he’s been in this league for a decade and some, so I’m not doing a lot of talking. He’s telling me how it is, his experiences off the court. He knows a lot.”
Source: Jessica Camerato, Basketball Insiders

So let's cut right to the chase; is RJ Hunter creating an NWO made up exclusively of role players or nah? Dude just got in the league, and all he's doing is 'making friends' with guys who are like 32. Seems fishy.

And if he is making a role players NWO - which is no doubt what he's doing - who else will join? Jason Smith? Jose Calderon? Aaron Baynes? Also, what's their end goal? To create a team of fundamentally sound players to spread awareness of the importance of very solid plays? Is Leigh Ellis of 'The Starters' in on this?

If my hypothesis is accurate - and again, it for sure is - this unit is about to take the league by storm. And of course, by storm, I mean a super-competitive 20-25 wins.

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*Did you guys know that there'll be a live version of 'The Wiz' on NBC this week? Were you made aware of that by any chance?