Around the NBA 12/2: Things Celtics fans should know from last night

While the Celtics were idle last night, there 12 NBA teams in action.  Here are some things you should know:


1. The Nets moved to 5-13 with a 94-91 win over the Suns, which was due in much part to a strong fourth quarter performance, especially on the defensive side of the ball as they only surrendered 18 points.  This was their fourth home victory in a row as well as their second consecutive win overall, which is a feat they had yet to accomplish this season.  Although it pains me to say this, it may be time to adjust our expectations of this pick as it is now clear they are not the team who opened the season 0-7.  Since then, the Nets are 5-6, including two-point road losses to the Kings and Cavaliers, as well as an overtime road loss to the Warriors.  In fact, given their recent winning ways in Brookyln, as well as the fact they play seven of their next eight at home, do not be surprised if the outlook of this pick continues to worsen over the next few weeks.  The Celtics own the Nets 2016 first-round draft pick.

2. The Timberwolves second-half comeback bid fell just short as they lost to the Magic 96-93. Despite the defeat, which brought their record to 8-10, they remain tied with the Suns for the eighth seed thanks to their loss to the Nets.  Minnesota will convey their first-round pick to the Celtics only if it falls between 13-30.  If Minnesota's pick falls between 1-12, they will instead convey their second-round picks in 2016 and 2017.

3. The Mavericks followed up Monday's loss to the Kings with an overtime win over the Blazers.  They are now 11-8 on the season, which puts them in a tie with the Grizzlies for the fourth seed.  Dallas will convey their first-round pick to the Celtics only if it falls between 8-30.  If Dallas' pick falls between 1-7, the conditional 2016 pick will become a 2017 first-round pick with the same conditions.


4. The wait is over!  Although it took 19 tries, the 76ers won their first game last night as they beat the Lakers at home 103-91.  For that, they can thank Kobe Bryant, who insists on having the same offensive role this year as he did in 2010 despite shooting 30% overall, and Byron Scott, who continues to demonstrate how inept he is at coaching the game of basketball, with no decision more egregious than his prioritization of Bryant's ego over (1) the growth of their young players and (2) winning games.  As a result, neither the player himself nor the coach stopped Kobe as he piled up 26 shots attempts, including a ridiculous 17 from three.  Least shocking of all?  Bryant only made seven of his shot attempts, including four from three, and the Lakers were minus-21 with him on the floor and plus-9 with him on the bench.

5. As referenced above, the Nets defeated the Suns 94-91.

Atlantic Division as of 12/2
Toronto 11-7
Boston 10-8
New York 8-10
Brooklyn 5-13
Philadelphia 1-18


6. Kevin Garnett played 20 minutes in the Timberwolves loss to the Magic.  He finished with 4 points, 8 rebounds, 3 blocks and 2 turnovers.  The team was minus-12 with Garnett on the floor and plus-9 with him on the bench.

7. Jeff Green started and played 31 minutes in the Grizzlies win over the Pelicans.  He finished with 6 points and 4 rebounds.  Tony Allen started as well, played 15 minutes and finished with 3 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists.


8. The Warriors did not play last night, so the countdown remains at four games, which includes the following:

@ Hornets
@ Raptors
@ Nets
@ Pacers


Warriors @ Hornets
76ers @ Knicks
Raptors @ Hawks
Pacers @ Clippers

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