COJ: Get Hyped

Not to get too 'inside baseball' because no one really cares about the inner working of a blogger, but I woke up this morning thinking that I'd take the reasonable approach and discuss why I don't think the Celtics will beat the Warriors tonight. That there's a reason that this Golden State team is on such a remarkable run, and that it seems unlikely that the Celtics will find the right units to slow down their offense, while producing enough of their own to defeat the defending champion.

Thing is, where's the fun in that?

For the first time in three years the Boston Celtics will play a meaningful regular season game tonight, and that's really freaking exciting. This roster, or era, whatever you'd prefer to call it, has gone through a ton. A roster gut job that not only had them parting w/ their 5 best players over 2 years, but left playing a brand of basketball that barely looked professional at some points. A rebuild that often looked hopeless at point. And now this. A meaningful game in December, where this team - the island of misfit toys - is abnormally qualified to legitimately spoil the historic run of the most impressive basketball team of the past two decades.

It's not the time for logic, it's the time for irrational excitement. A time to enjoy what we do have; An incredibly likable group of fiery ultra-competitors being orchestrated by the best mind in all of basketball. A collection of people you can rely on giving their all on every night. A team that's uniquely easy to get behind. And tonight, lord knows, we will.

After an extended absence, the Celtics return to center stage tonight. Get hyped.