COJ: Celtics - Cavaliers 2: This Time It's Personal

Somewhat overshadowed by last Friday's matchup against the then unbeaten Golden State Warriors lies the Celtics more natural rival. The defending Eastern Conference Champions and current top seed, Cleveland Cavaliers enter the Garden tonight for the first time since last year's playoff series, and oh ya, this time it's personal.

Kidding aside, tonight's game could get very interesting. There's certainly no lack of subplots; It'll be the first time that Kelly Olynyk and Kevin Love will be under the same roof since Olynyk separated Love's shoulder, and the first time Jae Crowder and JR Smith will share the court since JR Smith's blatant cheap shot that resulted in a sprained ACL for Jae Crowder (ICYMI: Olynyk has apologized, Smith has yet to).

However arguably most importantly, tonight stands as a mini progress check - to see how far this team has come since last Spring. Has another few months together combined with a few additions turned this team into something more than just a nice story.

Start Your Morning Off With.. Andre Drummond with the killer crossover?