CJC9BOSS (Jae Crowder) is scoring and rebounding like a boss

Celtics small forward Jae Crowder is really starting to live up to his Twitter handle.

Through Boston's first 26 games of the season, Crowder posted only one double-double (12 points and 10 rebounds in a November 6 rout of the Wizards).  Beginning last Friday, he's now put up three straight.  Crowder has also logged three of his top five scoring games of the season in succession this week:

12/18 - 24 points (8-13), 10 rebounds
12/21 - 18 points (8-13), 10 rebounds
12/23 - 19 points (8-16), 12 rebounds

He's leading the Celtics in both scoring (20.3 ppg) and rebounding (10.7 rpg) over the past three games, while shooting 57.1 percent from the floor.

His production has noticeably taken off lately, but it's also been trending upward for a while now.  Crowder has averaged 15.9 points over the Celtics' last 14 games, second on the team behind only Isaiah Thomas' 20.5.  Only once in those 14 games did he fail to score in double figures.

Crowder shared his thoughts on his new-found offensive game after the Celtics win in Charlotte last night:

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