Celtics 2016 Draft Pick Update: Are the Wolves for real?

So Brooklyn hasn't won a game yet, putting the Celtics in line for the first overall pick in the draft. That's cool. But how about those MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES!

Couple takeaways here:
1. KG is the man.
2. Anything is possible.
3. The Celtics have this pick if it falls outside of the top 12 and the Wolves are 4-2, 4th in the West.
4. Go Wolves.

Is it sustainable? You'd think no. But Wiggins and Towns are the rare youngsters who are immediately making an impact on both sides of the ball. And Rubio's healthy. And perhaps most importantly, KG is 39 years old and in his 20th year in the league... and that's how he's reacting when he's on the bench. You want to tell KG that this team can't make the playoffs? Cool, neither do I.

A look at the key draft picks the Celtics have in 2016 (outside of their own selection which we won't discuss here because this year other teams are tanking for us)


Record: (0-7)
If the draft were today this would be the number 1 pick.
The week ahead: Wed @Hou; Fri @Sac; Sat @GS

Brooklyn probably won't win any of those games. In fact, ESPN's BPI predicts that they won't win until they play the Sixers on December 10th, which is 14 games from now. That's right, the Nets are supposed to start the year 0-21. BPI has the Nets somehow scraping together 21-22 wins, good for second worst in the league. But that might be optimistic with Brook Lopez's ankle already acting up. Brooklyn is real, real bad. Good times.


Record: (3-3)
If the draft were today this would be the number 14 pick.
The week ahead: Tues @NO; Wed vs LAC; Fri vs LAL; Sat @ Hou; Mon @Phi

The Celtics are pulling for the Mavericks to be mired in mediocrity and so far so good on that front. Busy week coming up for the Mavs. But with a pair of matchups against the putrid Lakers and Sixers it's highly unlikely that they do worse than 2-3. Which is perfect. And with games against the Clippers and Rockets, it's also highly unlikely that they go 5-0. Also perfect. Stay average, Dallas Mavericks.


Record: (4-2)
If the draft were today this would be the number 23 pick.
The week ahead: Tues vs Cha; Thu vs GS; Fri @ Ind; Sun vs Mem

Last week, an overtime win in Chicago and a blowout>epic collapse>heartwarming victory in Atlanta showed the league that the Wolves came to play this year. This week the Wolves host the defending champion Golden State Warriors, who have spent their first eight games lighting the league on fire. Can the Wolves compete with the league's elite? 


Record: (0-7)
If the draft were today this would be the number 32 pick.
The week ahead: Wed vs Tor; Fri @OKC; Sat @SA; Mon vs Dal

Another week another slate of losses coming up for the poor Sixers, who have to travel into the lion's den two nights in a row with a vicious OKC/San Antonio back-to-back. That is not going to end well for the Sixers, but trust the process.

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