Green Envy: What Rockets fans said - 11/16

The Celtics defeated the Rockets 111-95 Monday night in a game that was even more of a blowout than the score indicates. Given the poor effort from Houston in their own building, resulting in their fourth straight loss, it comes at no surprise that their fans have hit the panic button. This isn't the team that they watched make a run to the Western Conference Finals last year, and many of them appear ready to make a trade or fire Kevin McHale.

The Highlights:

I no longer have any expectations for this team

We have to face reality that the season's pretty much over.

We are tanking for Ben Simmons. The ultimate stretch 4 for us. Morey is always a step ahead!

The Full Slate:

I believe it's at the point that I would not start Harden or Ty next game. If only to prove a point. No effort.

Well.... the Texans can make us forget about the Rockets for a little while...

And we all thought it can't get any worse than those 3 consecutive 20-point losses to start the season. Absolutely disgusting.

Maybe the Rockets problem this season is Harden switched to Adidas. Played better last season in Nike.

Time for a trade..

The Kardashian curse is real.

McHale should start the bench from now on.

Losing is acceptable. Apathy is not.

Guys it's still early in the season. Give them time!

They do say that teams don't start playing hard until after the all star break

Either Harden or McHale have to take the blame for this shit, this has to be the most unmotivated team in the NBA

 When Harden's out there were playing 1 vs. 5 on offense and 4 vs. 5 on defense

 I've seen AAU teams with more offensive rythm and organic ball movement than the rockets this year

 It honestly looked like the entire team wanted to be doing something else other than playing ball. That was pathetic.

 Boston is actually quite a good team. Poor 3rd quarter but I'm going to try to not overreact with this one at least.

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