Evan Turner is first in the Eastern Conference in plus/minus

Evan Turner is first in plus/minus in the East
Stop me if you've heard this before; Evan Turner, yes the backup small forward for the Boston Celtics, is first in the Eastern Conference in plus/minus rating at +94. Oh wait, you haven't heard that before? Well neither has anyone else.

Turner has been one of the most positive players when on the court. Ranking ahead of the likes of LeBron James and Kevin Love, he has proven to be a productive part of the up-and-coming Celtics. If you have watched all of the Celtics games this season, Turner hasn't necessarily stood out or done anything to make you think that he would be near the top of this list, though.

If ranking just behind stars like Russell Westbrook and Klay Thompson wasn't good enough, let's not forget the fact that the Celtics have played fewer games than almost every other team that has a player on that list. That makes Turner's early season success in the plus/minus department that much more impressive.

Given the fact that Turner has played fewer games and the fact that he hasn't played close to the number of minutes that almost everyone else above him on that list has, it begs the question, how is this happening?

He is an inconsistent shooter, but he does do a lot of other things that are beneficial. He rebounds well for his size and he can also run the offense with the reserves if Isaiah Thomas moves up to the starting lineup. His court vision is great for a second or third ball handler and his defense has improved so far this season.

Has Turner improved his play enough this season to deserve these types of stats? Or do these numbers come as a product of playing with one of the best bench units in the NBA?

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