COJ: Smart out 2-4 weeks

So, uh, not the chillest way to start a Monday - particularly the day after a loss to the Nets; Marcus Smart's going to be out 2-4 weeks with a bad bone bruise in his left leg.

Celtics coach Brad Stevens stressed that the injury isn't a long-term concern, but admitted that Smart will be sidelined for at least two weeks -- and that sounds like the most optimistic of timelines. Even if Smart misses only 14 days, he'll still be sidelined for seven games (including five on the road) at a time when Boston was starting to play some inspired basketball.
Source: Chris Forsberg, ESPN Boston

A few weeks ago I wrote that sometimes injuries - provided they're not severe - can be fun, as it gives new players new opportunities in new situations, and it's enjoyable to see how they react to that. What I should've added was 'Of course this isn't true about injuries to Marcus Smart because why in the world wouldn't you want to see him play as much basketball as possible?'

Im sure there's positives to be found - it appears that surgery has been ruled out already so this appears to be very much a R&R type of injury, but still this is such a bummer.

I could scramble to find more positives, but I'm guessing on a Monday, the day after losing to the Nets and finding out anout the injury to our sophmore guard, you'd much rather something a little lighter. So now, without further adieu; Will Smith's hysterically bad performance of 'The Wild Wild West' at the 1999 VMA's

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