Rondo & George Karl getting along about as well as you would've guessed

"I like you, and obviously nothing will ever change about that b/c we are buds now" - George Karl

Obviously when you pair a hard-headed, very opinionated coach with a hard-headed temperamental point guard things are going to go super well, and that's defintely the case with Rajon Rondo & George Karl in Sacramento. They love each other, and honestly, things could not possibly be going better. End of story.

Haha, naw, just kidding. They're going terribly. Here's a video from the guys at Cowbell Kingdom.

For those who'd rather just read the excerpt, here you go:

“It’s not been going too well. We got into a couple arguments the last couple of days. Hopefully, we continue to talk, and it will get better.

Hot sports take: This won't end well for the Sacramento Kings. They are a powder keg. Well, let me rephrase; They're 8 powder kegs, stacked on top of each other, mysteriously placed next to a lighter factory in a very windy area. A team, unified by their big, moody personalities and a complete inability to spread the floor.

Update: Several sources say that Rondo was kidding (and to be fair to the guy, he has a notoriously dry sense of humor). In true Rondo fashion, I have no idea what to make of his comments.