Jonas Jerebko could have started his pro career with Real Madrid

It is always intriguing to look back at single decisions in hindsight made by professional athletes that got them where they are now.

Jonas Jerebko took the time to reminisce on one of his in the aftermath of Boston's 111-96 exhibition win over Real Madrid. Recalling his days as a teenager in Sweden, the C's forward revealed he passed up the opportunity to play for the revered basketball club:

“I was very excited and wanted to come here (Real Madrid), but it was probably a good decision not to...I was young and wanted to finish school in Sweden.” 

The piece by Adam Himmelsbach also revealed that Jerebko still has a desire to sport the Real Madrid uniform one day, but after signing a 2-year, $10 million deal over the summer his focus will be stateside for the moment.

Real Madrid's history dates back to 1931, including nine Euroleague titles and five intercontinental cups. Some of Europe's great stars have passed through, along with impact NBA players like; Serge Ibaka, Pablo Prigioni, and Nikola Mitotic.

Instead of Real Madrid, Jerebko opted to stay in Sweden, playing for Marbo Basket and Plannja Basket. From there he traveled to Italy to play for Anjellico Biella until opting into the 2009 NBA Draft.

Jerebko became the second Swedish player drafted when Detroit selected him 39th overall. He played for the Pistons until a trade deadline deal in 2015 brought him to the Celtics in exchange for Tayshaun Price.

Who knows where Real Madrid would have brought a 17-year old Jerebko, but his floor spreading ability and hustle ultimately landed the now 28-year old back in Boston. He'll likely see his versatile scoring ability earn him a significant role this season, so perhaps it all worked out for the best.

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Photo Credit: AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza