Celtics biggest opening-night favorite in NBA

There are 14 games on tap on in this evening's first full slate of NBA action--guess which one has the largest point spread?  That's right, your Boston Celtics are the biggest favorite going.  The line for tonight's game is either -11.5 or -12, depending on which Vegas casino you choose to gamble at.

Granted, the fact that Boston is playing at home against an injury-depleted and also seemingly permanently-tanking Philadelphia 76ers team has a lot to do with.  Regardless, you could probably count on Jason Pierre-Paul's hand (too soon?) the number of times in the last two seasons that the C's have been the best bet in the league.  The line has also risen three points since it first opened last month.

Hopefully this is a sign of more good things to come, and double-digit point spreads at the TD Garden will no longer be a rarity in 2015-16.

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