Should the Celtics extend Zeller, Sullinger?

The Celtics have an abundance of flexibility. Draft picks, cap space you name it the Celtics have it. 

What they don't have is a star player, obviously, but they are building a nice core.

They have key role players in Isaiah Thomas, David Lee and Kelly Olynyk. They are developing Marcus Smart, James Young, R.J. Hunter and Terry Rozier. They also signed Amir Johnson and re-signed Jonas Jerebko and Jae Crowder.

So, putting the free agent star on the back-burner for a minute, what is the next move for the Celtics?

What they can do before the season starts, theoretically, is extend Tyler Zeller, Jared Sullinger and/or Perry Jones.
Given the uncertainly of both Perry Jones (ability) and Jared Sullinger (weight), Zeller seems the most worthy of an extension.

According to A. Sherrod Blakely of CSNNE, the 7-footer seems to want to stay with the green longterm.
Still, Zeller proved to be an ideal fit in coach Brad Stevens’ system a year ago. And when you look at Zeller’s overall game, there are few teams where he'd be a better fit than with the Celtics.

And on more than one occasion this past season, Zeller made it clear he enjoys Boston and is very open to the idea of being here long-term.

“But that’s something I can’t control,” he told earlier. “All I can control is my play and just that speak for itself.”

Zeller is the player that will probably be willing to take the more team friendly deal, especially with the fit so perfect with Brad Stevens and his system.

Considering how last season went for Sullinger, it would be smart for the C's to take the wait-and-see-approach and see if he actually does come back in better shape.

If he lives up to his potential, he'll be worth every penny.

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