A picture a day to keep the summer doldrums away- 8/25/15

Another gem shared by CelticsLife poster "Reggielewis35," highlighting the 1988 Celtics.  These were pull-outs from the Boston Globe.  We've lamented the 1987 Celtics a lot around here.  The '88 Celtics were a really good team but similar to 1987, their bench didn't have enough firepower.  The 5 you see above is really all they could count on.  Maybe because this guy was a key component of their bench:

The difference between 88 and 87 is I feel that KC Jones should've used Reggie Lewis more, even as a rookie.  I was very optimistic Jim Paxson was the missing piece, when acquired for Jerry Sichting.  Still surprised looking back on it he didn't mesh the way I thought he would.  Of course missing out on Antoine Carr also could've made the difference, no offense to Brad Lohaus pictured above.

Each day in August, Celticslife will post a Celtics-related picture, one you may possibly have never even seen before.