Sacramento Kings sign Rajon Rondo

Another season, another uniform for Rajon Rondo.
Rajon Rondo has agreed to a one-year, $10 million contract with the Sacramento Kings, league sources told Yahoo Sports.
Rondo's options were limited after his tumultuous half-season stay with the Dallas Mavericks ended when the team declared a back injury would sideline him for the remainder of its first-round playoff series. He has a chance to build back his value with the Kings and re-enter the free-agent market next summer.

After being used repeatedly by free agents to drive up their prices, the Kings finally landed a big name free agent today in Rajon Rondo. It shows just how much he has fallen that he received less per year than Amir Johnson did with Boston. My guess is Rondo would have taken even less to go to a more stable franchise or a team in a city he preferred (a year ago he was letting it be known that if the Celtics traded him to the Kings he wouldn't re-sign there).

Times have changed though. For three consecutive seasons the teams that Rondo has played for have won more games when he was not playing. A Pierce and KG led Celtics team had a better record in 2012 after Rondo blew out his knee. Then the following season the Celtics did better with Phil Pressey at the point than with Rajon. And finally last season the Celtics were much better the second half of the season after Rondo was traded. Related, the Mavs were significantly more successful the first half of the season without Rondo.
Rondo with his longtime friend and new teammate. Pic via Gay's instagram

Things bottomed out for Rajon in Dallas as he got into a shouting match with Coach Rick Carlisle during the season and eventually the team and Rondo decided to part ways early in the playoffs because Rondo was such a headache. Dallas Actually preferred to give Raymond Felton minutes.

Rajon Rondo wanted a max deal from the Celtics and Ainge was weary to give it to him. No one was offering a big payday, so Rondo looks to rebound this season in Sacramento. The Kings have talent, but could also self combust. Basically anything could happen in Sacramento this season. Anything from a motivated Rondo having a resurgence and leading the Kings back into the playoffs to the Kings eventually just cutting Rajon if he proves too problematic.

The Kings are betting on the former. If things go sour in Sacramento it could mean a full tear down which could include DeMarcus Cousins being traded. Cousins can't seem to get along with 90% of the coach he's played for and George Karl has an ego. Will be interesting. Most likely if the Kings get off to a poor start, they will fire Karl. And most likely Cousins won't get along with that coach either. Or Rondo for that matter. He doesn't have the best track record of being buddy with his coaches either. That said, Celtics fans should wish the best for Rondo. He gave us many great playoff performances, helped us win a title in '08 & almost led us to another in '10.