Mavs sign DeAndre Jordan; Clips get worse, as does Dallas pick Celtics own

Bad news for Doc Rivers, Paul Pierce and the Clippers as DeAndre Jordan has agreed to sign with the Dallas Mavericks.

Jordan leaves money on the table to get a fresh start in Dallas. This move hurts the Celtics, because after losing Monta Ellis and Tyson Chandler in free agency, the 2016 Dallas first rounder the Celtics owned was looking like a probable lottery pick. With the signing of Wes Matthews and now Jordan the Mavs should remain a solid Western Conference team (They still have Dirk, Parsons and a good coach as well).

Right now it's not looking good for the Celtics to have any lottery picks next year to draft a possible star. The Celtics have improved , the Nets played well down the stretch with the Lopez/Young combo, and the Mavs have either improved or remained the same (Depending on how you value DJ/Wes vs. Tyson/Monta). All three teams made the playoffs this past season.

For the Clippers, this is devastating news. They only have about $2.1 million to sign a replacement and not really sure who they could offer up in a trade for a replacement. I expect the Clippers to play a lot of small ball now with Griffin at the 5 and Pierce at the 4.

GM Doc really screwed things up last summer by signing Spencer Hawes over Paul Pierce. If they added Pierce last year the Clippers very likely go further in the playoffs (they choked and lost to Houston 4-3) and might of even won the championship. Jordan then is less likely to leave. For Pierce it would have been his best shot since 2010 to win that 2nd title. Now he returns home to L.A a year too late and might have left a better situation in Washington. Pierce is a winner and has been taking less the past couple off seasons to put himself on better teams. Jordan leaving two days after he signed is a tough blow.

p.s. Remember this?

Or this (also by Woj)
For the Los Angeles Clippers to bring Kevin Garnett and Doc Rivers to chase the franchise's first NBA championship, the price to complete a deal could come down to a willingness to include an additional first-round draft pick in the package to the Boston Celtics, league sources told Yahoo! Sports on Monday night.

After pushing for the Clippers to take back long-term contracts, the Celtics relented and have shown willingness to complete the deal for DeAndre Jordan and two first-round draft picks, sources said. The Clippers are willing to give the Celtics Jordan and one draft pick, but were resisting a second future pick, sources said.

Hey Doc. I still got love for you, but sometimes it's best to just stick to coaching (Rick Pitino says hi). But if you were going to end up losing Bledsoe and DJ for nothing couldn't you have simply traded them our way? You know for old times sake?)