NBA tracking hustle stats, arrogantly not labeling them Tommy Points

Tommy's reaction to hearing the league did not give him credit for pioneering the tracking of hustle stats
In this year's Las Vegas summer league, the NBA will begin their foray into charting hustle. If they don't refer to this stat as "Tommy Points", I will be rioting in the streets. It would be great to hear on the broadcasts, "Coming to town tonight is the Boston Celtics, averaging a league high 43.6 Tommy Points per game".

As for what they are charting as hustle stats, Howard Beck tweeted out the categories below.

It will be interesting to see if and how these stats effect the way we look at certain players. A lot of these stats do truly have large effects on games. Loose balls recovered is a great one, and if what is truly a contested shot is more strictly defined than casually putting a hand up, I think that would be useful as well. Charges drawn are the equivalent of causing a turnover, and deflections are disruptive to any possession, and lead to more good results besides straight up turnovers.

The numbers will certainly spark some interest, and hopefully they figure out what works and chart them in the regular season at some point. I think it would be nice to know who is doing the little things to win, and conversely who might be coasting.

Unfortunately they don't account for pairs of legs you have dangerously hurled your body into, so Matthew Dellavedova will still have to rely on scratching tally marks into his chest to chart his victims (unconfirmed).

Photo Credit: Jennifer Pottheiser/NBAE via Getty Images

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