Marcus Smart is a big fan of Terry Rozier

I see you Terry
When the Celtics first drafted Terry Rozier, many of us thought his talents were possibly a little redundant for this team. We already have Marcus Smart and Avery Bradley, two defense first guards that aren't as feared on the offensive end as the defensive.

Since you don't get to the NBA by being anything less than ultra competitive, if you're being honest there is a chance that these players may clash when going against each other in practice every day and fighting for playing time.

The fact is, if you're a great teammate, then you will appreciate the practice competition and use it to improve and unite. If you had any worries at all you can eliminate them, because if you weren't already aware, Marcus Smart is a great teammate.

That's a damn good sign to start summer league. Smart didn't stop there though, as he had more to say on Rozier's ability as a ball handler and his overall athleticism. Himmelsbach tweeted this quote from Smart on Rozier as well.

Marcus Smart on Terry Rozier: "We know how explosive & athletic he is and he shows that, one of the fastest guys with the ball in his hand."

Admittedly, I did not watch Rozier play much in college. Tonight's first summer league game will be a fun chance to see our new and returning faces in action. Sure it's not the regular season yet, but this is actual basketball, which I find way more entertaining than whining about not signing a superstar and whether or not Ainge is a good GM (relax people, he is).

Also, it seems Rozier and the gang already have a team goal, and it is one I think will be a constant theme this entire year with our Celtics.

Now lets finally watch some basketball tonight!

Photo Credit: Matt West

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