Kelly Olynyk travels west with Celtics' summer league squad

Even though he won't be suiting up tonight, Kelly Olynyk is in Salt Lake City with the Celtics' summer league team. He's out there there to take some extra practice reps. I assumed Olynyk got on board the James Young Hype Train in Waltham, got distracted by Young's brand new 20 pounds of muscle, and forgot to get off before Salt Lake. But by all accounts, Olynyk did willingly travel to Utah of all places to work out with the team, a clear sign of his eagerness to develop his game this offseason.

And hopefully a big part of that culture moving forward is unapologetically drilling threes.

One thing that Olynyk has shown remorse for was the Kevin Love incident. Looks like the two connected and have put it behind them, though I'm sure Cleveland fans will take this one to the grave with them.

Photo Credit Jim Davis/Boston Globe

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