James Young has Brad Stevens excited about his upcoming year

Celtic fans and Celtic media have been pumping the tires on the James Young bandwagon plenty the last few weeks, with constant references to his bulked up physique and his dedication to hard work in the offseason.

While all signs do indicate Young is coming into this season with focus and dedication, when you continue to see and hear about it in all Celtics coverage, you may start to wonder if it isn't being overblown a bit, even if it's completely true. Then you see this quote from Brad Stevens, tweeted by Chris Forsberg.

Ok, so that is not quite on the level of telling the league to hide their wives and children because James Young is on the loose, but from a reserved Stevens, it at least tells us these reports are for real. While setting sky high expectations could lead to disappointment, I'm still expecting a lot more out of Young than last season, and it appears Stevens does too.

Happy 4th guys, now go see those fireworks you have been promised.

Photo Credit: NBA.com

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