Celtics re-sign Jae Crowder to a 5-year, 35 million dollar deal

If you went to bed thinking the Celtics might have overpaid Amir Johnson (12 mil/year) and Jonas Jerebko (5 mil/year), I have great news for you! We have signed Jae Crowder to a relatively cheaper contract, according to Shams Charania of RealGM:

All kidding aside, I think this is a terrific deal. Jae Crowder is a great energy player and a defensive wing who only needs to improve his 3-point shooting to turn into a very useful piece on a contender. I had previously compared his potential to Metta World Peace (is he back to being Ron Artest?), and he has since impressed the Celtics nation even more by his play, especially in the Playoffs.

In a league where DeMarre Carroll gets 15 million/year, 7 million for Crowder is a fair price to pay. I was actually afraid we would have to end up paying him in eight digits. After all, people were mad about Bradley's contract a few years ago, and now it looks like a very good deal. 7 million gives you the right amount of tradability too.

I also think that Amir Johnson contract is a very good one, but I'll talk about it in another post to come. But for now, welcome back to the Celtics, Jae Crowder, and thanks for not leaving for the Mavericks!
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