Video: Everyone loves Brad

Well at least all the prospective draft picks. Stevens has been even better than advertised since his surprise hiring two years ago. He's the Celtics #1 asset, which I guess is where you can also find the only fault in him. He's been too good of a coach for a team needing top 5 NBA picks to rebuild with. But it's not like Danny Ainge could of told Stevens, "Hey please don't make the playoffs. We really need a lottery pick."

So instead it is now on Danny to draft some stars outside of the top of the draft. It's been 9 years now since Ainge has hit a draft home run (2006 with Rajon Rondo), and with the news that the Celtics aren't as interested as before in the most realistic star free agent available this summer, there's even more need for Ainge to hit big on some draft picks. I have no doubt that if you give Brad Stevens a talented roster, he can coach us to a title. Just need that talent.

Video courtesy of the Boston Celtics.

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