The NBA Finals descends into chaos. Can Cleveland win?

You know it's a crazy series when Lebron James should absolutely be the lead story:

But I can't help but lead with video evidence of the absolute prayer Matthew Dellavedova tossed in. The undrafted Australian, who reportedly drives a Mazda, drove into the paint and put that back breaking And-1 up just when the Warriors had finally pulled within a point after trailing by as many as 20 in the third quarter. It was a performance in which he further cemented his cult hero status in Cleveland by chasing Steph Curry with the desperation of a rabid dog for 39 minutes, dropping in 20 points, and checking into the Cleveland Clinic after the game. Maybe he actually does have rabies? Who knows. I'd believe anything at this point.

But hold on now, Dellavedova's miracle shot wasn't the end of this game. Curry finally found his stroke:

And Lebron channeled his inner Ronaldo:

Which in turn infuriated that kid filming, all Warriors fans, and Jared Sullinger:

And then none other than Dellavedova was flying out of bounds with the ball only to maintain possession when the refs correctly reversed a call in the worst way possible. Had the call not been reversed, Golden State would have had the ball down three with 17 seconds to play. Instead, Lebron iced it with two free throws and Golden State's comeback fell short.

Not sure what will happen in Game 4, but judging by the fact that Game 3 sent Dellavedova to an infirmary, the super human effort the Cavs are putting forth on defense just might not be sustainable. I have to think that Warriors eventually will find themselves and reengage all the weapons we saw throughout the season. All that firepower and the best defense in the league should be enough for them to rebound in time to take this NBA Finals in 7. But Cleveland has proved that they can win without Kyrie and Love, and what most thought was going to be a Warriors' triumph is now a complete and utter bloodbath. I'll definitely be watching, and I'm not the only one tuning in to find out.

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