The analytics world says Tobias Harris is this summer's most underrated free agent

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The Celtics are reportedly going to go hard at stealing Tobias Harris from the Orlando Magic. He doesn't have the sexy name that a Kevin Love, DeMarcus Cousins or LaMarcus Aldridge has, but he is one of the more realistic options for Danny Ainge this Summer. The big hurdle is his restricted free agency. The Celtics will have to either offer up a contract that the Magic are unwilling to match (That will be hard) or come to a sign-and-trade agreement with Orlando.

NBA teams have been instructed by Silver to no longer publicly state that they will match a contract offer no matter what on restricted free agents, so even though we haven't heard that from Orlando doesn't mean they aren't willing to pay the max for Tobias. The info graphic below (Click to view full size) shows why the Celtics would be wise to pony up the cash for Harris (or engage with the Magic in a sign-and-trade deal).

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