Stephen A. Smith losing it following the Knicks pick of Porzingis made my day

What a great meltdown by Stephen A. Smith on ESPN (And last night on his Twitter). I was down about the Celtics missing out on Justice Winslow, but watching insufferable Knicks fans have a collective meltdown brings so much joy.

It's the shortsightedness of Smith and most Knicks fans that is the reason they are still talking about their last title 40 years later. They never have the patience to build a team. It's about quick fixes. What did Smith want Whistlin' Phil and the Knicks to do, trade the pick for Antonio McDyess? And getting a 1st rounder for the very overrated Tim Hardaway Jr was a great trade despite what Smith and his pal Carmelo think.

24 hours later Smith still hasn't calmed down:

The best thing Phil Jackson could do for the Knicks is to trade Carmelo Anthony. Here's hoping he doesn't.