LeBron James says the biggest challenge of his career was going to Boston down 3-2 in 2012

After his Cavaliers fell 103-82 in Game 4 of the NBA Finals last night, LeBron James was asked if this was the biggest challenge of his career to go back to Golden State tied 2-2 after losing home court advantage.  Among other things, LeBron said the following:

You can watch the video from NBA.com here (at the 12-minute mark of the interview).

Two things about these quotes amuse me: One, LeBron was unwilling to acknowledge that he once made the decision (wink wink) to leave Cleveland and join the Miami Heat, instead referring to them as "the franchise I was with at the time."

And two, it's funny how the "biggest challenge of his career" happened to be a game when he scored 45 points on 19-for-26 shooting in a win that eventually led to his first title in 2012.  What about the year before, when his heavily-favored Heat blew a 2-1 Finals lead to the Mavericks thanks to his no-show?  Was that a big challenge?  Or in 2007, getting swept in the Finals by San Antonio?  There were probably some challenges along the way there, right?  Or how about dropping three straight again to the Spurs in last year's Finals?  I bet that was pretty challenging too...

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