Washington chef doing his part to lure back Paul Pierce, can we do ours?

Jose Andres gets it. This guy experienced one season with Paul Pierce as a Washington Wizard and doesn't want to see him go elsewhere in free agency. Jose is not the GM of the Wizards, but he is a celebrity chef willing to do whatever he can to sweeten the pot to keep Pierce in Washington.

It's power moves like this that can make a difference with potential free agents. Multi-million dollar contracts also seem to have some influence, but it's the little things that show a city wants you that sometimes leave a lasting impression. If the Celtics could count on Boston and its surrounding area to start kicking in, we can move mountains people!

David Loggins doing his part in 1974

You want to be on a television show? Tom Brady was on Entourage and Kevin McHale crushed it on Cheers. You want to be in movies? Brady strikes again and will be in Ted 2, as well as the Entourage movie with Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman. Mark Wahlberg is doing great things with our established great stars. Maybe we can get him to at least promise Wahlburger's cameos to potential free agents?

You want to be wined and dined by local chefs like Paul Pierce? Take a stroll through the North End and you'll have some of the best Italian food and seafood in the country within walking distance from TD Garden (if we can go Jose Andres on you and give up some free meals, even better).

Speaking of TD Garden, Boston is a tour stop for every major touring act, and we all know if athletes envy any other form of employment it is rap and rock stars. NBA guys also seem to love comedy and Boston gets visited by the best of that as well. Bill Burr just played more shows at The Wilbur Theatre in a week than the Patriots do in a season. The clown prince of NBA All Star Weekend (apologies to Dwight Howard), Kevin Hart, will even be at the TD Garden this month. NBA players like Kevin Hart more than they like NBA basketball.

For the most part the fans do our part as well. If you win you are glorified. If you win multiple times, we will defend you with blind rage. The return ovations and videos for each member of the 2008 Celtics championship squad served notice to a lot of players in the league the potential for sincere reverence from the city if you win a ring.

Bottom line though, we have to get on the same page as a fan base and an organization. If Tobias Harris likes smoothies and yoga (that's what I learned perusing his Twitter) and Danny Ainge wants to sign him, then he's got to put the word out and we'll have a Celtics fan run smoothie shack naming smoothie's after him and giving him free ones in minutes. We're here to help Danny. Put us to work.

Photo Credit: Boston Public Library

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