Video: Ainge says he wants to "do something significant" this offseason

Danny Ainge looks back at this past season. He says he thought the team would take a step backwards after the trades (Rondo and Green), but they didn't. Ainge credits Stevens for the win total. He adds that the team will be "in the game" this offseason if a star becomes available. He says the team had the assets to be in the game when Ray and KG were available in 2007, but not when James Harden was available from the Thunder. Ainge believes between our young players and picks that we are in a better position now to go for someone that becomes available.

One wonders if Ainge would have preferred the better asset of a lottery pick (and a high lottery pick at that if we did take a step backwards like he thought) over a first round sweep. Obviously he can't say that though. The key is for Ainge to start hitting big in the draft again. His last home run was way back in 2006 with Rondo. There are always future all-stars that fall out of the lottery. Time for Ainge to pick one again.