Danny Ainge gets praise from execs around the league for his rebuild plan so far

We all know Danny Ainge has done a hell of a job in this rebuild. Watching him turn aging players, under-performers and malcontents into a bevy of picks and young talent that also happened to make the playoffs has been something magical to behold.

According to Steve Bulpett's recent article over at the Boston Hearald, rival executives seem to agree.

“That’s what you do in this league,” (Larry) Bird said. “You try to get as many assets as you possibly can, and at the right time maybe bunch them together and get a hell of a player. This league is All-Star driven, talent-driven, and that’s one way you can get a lot of talent.”
Said one general manager, “I voted for Danny for Executive of the Year last year, and, really, you could do it every year for the way he’s set them up.”

While it's not often that the fan base is thrilled with what the guy running their favorite sports team is doing, it's damn hard to argue against most of what Ainge has done the past couple of years. It's also a great sign that other guys who run basketball teams look at Boston and nod their head in approval, if not become a tinsy bit jealous.

The future is very bright in Beantown. Bring on the draft.

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