Brad Stevens talks about NBA Combine interviews, mentions possible trade

The NBA Draft Combine wrapped up it's second day Friday in Chicago, and Brad Stevens talked to Amanda Pflugrad about what he looks for when interviewing a potential draft candidate. A couple noteworthy things said by Stevens in this clip. One, he talks about how some of the players who are going to be available in the draft are players he's familiar with already from his recruiting days at Butler.

Two, he ends the interview by saying "Whether Danny (Ainge) goes through the draft, whether we trade, or whether we're focused on the players that are on our team and develop, we just have to be good in all those areas."

Now granted that's a pretty generic statement, but any time a head coach hints at a possible trade like that fans ears perk up. Let's hope he's not talking about the rumored Avery Bradley-Taj Gibson swap. But it's interesting to hear him mention the word trade when he could have just talked about the draft and given an even simpler answer to Pflugrad's question.

Also from the combine, several players talked to the media about their meetings with the Celtics...

And probably the best quote of the day, came from Arkansas forward Bobby Portis, again via Jay King.

Now that's the kind of answer I think you look for in an interview. It was leaked by King that Portis will workout with the Celtics, one of just six scheduled workouts he has with NBA teams.

A. Sherrod Blakely also reported that Syracuse's Rakeem Christmas will workout with the team later this month, coming off terrific performances in the combine's 5-on-5 scrimmages both Thursday and Friday night.

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