Blakely: LaMarcus Aldridge 35% to 40% likely to sign with the Celtics

A. Sherrod Blakely seems rather confident that the Celtics have a good shot at signing away the Blazers all-star big man LaMarcus Aldridge. The key for Blakely is the C's making it a package deal by also signing Aldridge's buddy, the injured Wes Matthews.

Obviously Aldridge would be a huge get for the Celtics, but 35 to 40 percent seems AWFULLY optimistic. I'm sure Danny will make a call to Aldridge's agent, but I expect him to either stay with the Blazers who have a nice young core. if he leaves, I see his hometown Mavericks or the big market Lakers and Knicks as more likely landing spots.

So if you're keeping track Blakely has the Celtics as a serious suitor for Aldridge and a Boston Globe sports reporter's source says that Kevin Love wants to play in Boston. What do you think? Do the Celtics have a good shot at signing Aldridge?