6 Reasons I'm Rooting for the Cavs

I realize amongst Boston' fans I'm likely in the minority here.  The majority of Celtics' faithful have detested LeBron James for the longest time.  While I've never held the same disdain for him (as I have others) I actually find myself pulling for them in this series.  Although you'll likely disagree here are 6 reasons for my choice.

1. I hate Klay Thompson's dad.  Yep that guy pictured above battling Larry for the rebound is Mychal Thompson.  It still annoys me that he was gift-wrapped to the Enemy in the 1987 season for Peter Gudmundson.  It still irritates me that he defended Kevin McHale basically better than anyone else in the league did that year.  And I'm still annoyed from losing the '87 title.  Sorry Klay, but it's guilty-by-association in being related to him.

2. The Warriors have sucked- forever.  Golden State last made the Finals in 1975 and made the Western Conference Finals in 1976 before they were upset by the Suns, who would lose to the Celts in the title round.  But from 1977-2014, the Warriors made only nine playoff appearances and never advanced past the second round. From 1977 to 2014 the Lakers won 10 titles.  In the 80s they made the Finals every year but two.  And who was there posing no challenge, just getting their asses kicked the vast majority of the time?  Division-foe Golden State.

It used to annoy the hell out of me when "Run TMC" couldn't compete with them.  Billy Owens didn't pan out.  The promise of Sprewell and Webber lead to more disappointment.  There was even the P.J. Carlesimo choking incident.

I wonder who won this contest

In the 69 years as a franchise Golden State's record vs LAL is 155-249.  I can assure you a lot of those contests came at times the Celts could've used a few more Flaker losses.  So the way I see it?  The hell with Golden State; let them continue to suffer when LA is down.

3. The Celtics lost to Cleveland in the first round this year.  No consolation for losing in the opening round but why not lose to the team that wins it all? Knowing they played them tougher than the Hawks did is pretty cool too.

4. Shawn Marion is older than me.  The only guy in the Finals that's older than me (by 2 months).  I liked The Matrix in Phoenix, was happy he won a title in Dallas playing a key role and while I'm not a big fan of ring-chasers (see Malone, Karl; Payton, Gary) I feel surprisingly youthful seeing him out there.

5. Dell Curry's son is the NBA MVP.  Really?  Dell could sure shoot it when he played (who remembers his 93 playoffs vs the C's?) but who would've ever thought that the best player in this picture wasn't named Mitch or Drazen?

I still can't comprehend it.  Mitch and Drazen were really good players.  How can the kid pictured here be better and on the verge of winning a title?  Too much for me to take-on.

6. For John Bagley.  He was definitely most-known as a Cav during his time.  He had a solid, sometimes-spectacular run with the Celtics.  He would've served as a nice backup to the teams in the late 80s but came along a bit late, right when the Big 3 was beginning to fade away.  This title, in my mind, would be for Bags.

There you have it, 6 reasons I want Cleveland to win it all.  And only one has anything to do with anything involving this season.