They just don't make t-shirts like they used to

So the Celtics were eliminated and you're bummed out.  Don't be!  There's never been a better time to check out something really cool from years ago.  With all the advancements in technology many things today are absolutely better then they used to be.  However some things certainly aren't better.  For one, they don't grow them like they used to.  Secondly, they don't make posters like they used to.  And now, it's time to bring to your attention the fact they just don't make t-shirts like they used to.

Nowadays the only caricature t-shirts that one ever sees are generally limited to the team that wins the title.   But back then?  Yeah lots of guys had them.  The one above was titled "Zip Boys" featuring Kevin Gamble, Brian Shaw, Reggie Lewis and Dee Brown.  It came out during the 1991 season.  And you can bet I had it.

So sit back and check out this collection below, all exclusively from the 90s and 80s, and think to yourself, "does anything today come close to this?"