Introducing the worst fan imaginable

There have many times when I am at a game and a fan sitting near me is incredibly annoying. They are loud, drunk and won't stop swearing at the refs and opposing players. Oh wait, that's what I do. But even I'm not as bad as this guy:

I don't know what this dudes deal is, but I need to know. Was he trying to creep on the ladies? Or did he really just want to snap the world's furthest selfie? I respect his hustle but if I had to sit anywhere near this guy I would be furious. As you're cheering on the Celtics you have to watch out for a rod in your eye.

If I'm not mistaken that's a the shaft of a golf club. Did he snap the head off a 3-iron? . Absolutely outrageous stuff out of this bro and I don't even have to mention the fact the he has bed head at 7pm.

UPDATE: I have been told this is known as the "selfie-stick". I thought the tweet from Adam Himmelsbach was part of a joke. I can't believe this is a thing...I feel old and out of touch.

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