Brad Stevens is not going to Texas

Celtics head coach Brad Stevens immediately shut down any links between him and to the University of Texas head coaching job last night before his teams 100-87 win over the Pacers.
Stevens is in the second year of the six year deal worth 22 million dollars he signed in July of 2013.

So yes, Stevens will be in Boston next season, but how long will that last?

The Celtics are in the midst of a playoff push after a 25-57 season last year, thanks due in part to Stevens' coaching and the acquisition of point guard Isaiah Thomas. In a Grantland piece written by Zach Lowe earlier this week, Danny Ainge, Brad Stevens and presumably other Celtics brass talked about holding off on the Thomas trade fearing it would deflate their chances of getting a high draft pick in the upcoming draft.

It's not that big of a stretch to say that pulling the trigger on Thomas and taking a step back in the lottery was to appease Stevens and show him that there is light at the end of the rebuilding tunnel.

If the Celtics were to stay the course racing to the bottom of the league and Stevens was to have back to back season where he won a combined 50 games and lost 114, it's safe to say he would at least go for a visit to the UT's and Indiana's of the world.

If anything, this playoff run might be worth losing a high draft pick if it means keeping what NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said is potentially "one of the best young coaches ever to come into this league."

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