Cup of Joe. Lebron refuses to acknowledge Jae Crowder

LeBron on Crowder: “He’s a guy who tries to play hard and put his body on me to help his team win. That’s all.” Well, then.

Source: Ben Rohrbach

Said before that I thought LeBron would have kind words to say about Crowder's play when series ended. Just asked him. Didn't happen.

Source: Marc D'Amico

If there are any Cleveland fans still patrolling around this website: This is why we hate your superstar. He can't help himself. Contrary to popular opinion, the city of Boston didn't hold a town hall where we all sat in a room brainstorming what random superstar we'd hate next. No, he's made the decision for us. For as elite of a player as Lebron is, and he's absolutely the best player I've seen since Jordan, he somehow consistently allows his douchebaggery to overshadow the incredible things he does on the court.

Dunks can't just be dunks, they need to be followed by a prolonged stare to the crowd and a few chest pounds. Raw emotions can't play themselves out, they need to become performances. Defensive stops can't happen on him, they must be egregious fouls that the referee perhaps intentionally didn't see. And of course, players he deems to be 'lesser' can't play well against him.

What's funny about this particular case is that it's just SO Lebron. Anyone who played close enough attention to this series noticed that Jae Crowder played surprisingly well. The questions about Crowder aren't meant to suggest he out-dualed Lebron nor to suggest that he made Lebron look bad in any way. They're clearly just 'Hey, felt like he played pretty good, right?'

Lebron has nothing to win by not acknowledging the fact that Crowder played better than people thought he would. Particularly after the guy sprained his ACL after being punched in the face. But again, he just can't help but to be a pompous jerk at every turn: No, Crowder didn't play well (though he averaged nearly 11 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists, a block and a steal per game), he just tried really hard and the refs let him get away with way more than they should.

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When the Celtics drafted their first round pick of the 1968 draft, they probably didn't know it was going to take him two seasons to join the team. He was known as the "Mystery Man" before his introductory press conference in July of 1970. The fact is, he had been serving in the army. If you followed the Celtics in the 60s and 70s, you definitely remember Garfield Smith.

Garfield attended high school at Campbellsville High School in Campbellsville, KY where he was an All-District, All-Fifth Region and All-State player, before heading to Eastern Kentucky University where he had a standout career. Garfield grew, figuratively and literally.

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