Cup of Joe. JR Smith thinks Avery Bradley gets superstar calls

As the old saying goes; you can take the man out of New York, but you can't take the JR Smithness out of JR Smith. After playing just 19 minutes in game one due to foul trouble Smith was asked what he learned. His response? "Don't touch Avery Bradley. Apparently he's like Kobe now, so I can't touch him."

Which would be all fine and good, and I could start designing a 'Green Mamba' Avery Bradley shirt (and then be watching the money ROLL in), if it weren't for this graphic:

So, not exactly 'the New Kobe.' The sequence of fouls on Bradley Smith is referencing can be found here, where Smith aggressively tries to defend Bradley from being able to catch the ball, and does in fact foul him on multiple occasions, generally more than once per play.

Rich Levine pointed this out on twitter; but you just feel like bad-JR is dying to come out, don't you. Or to quote Levine, "Evil J.R. is dying to come out this series. One of the Boston clubs needs to throw a rager the night before Game 3."

The city needs you, Ocean Club in Quincy.

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WTHHT: What the Hell Happened To... Bryan Sith

He was a 6'5 shooting guard from the University of Virginia, one of 6 UVA players to get his number retired. He was part of one of the NBA's most famous upsets in playoff history. He only played one year for the Celtics but he started 73 of the 78 games he played. You may remember Bryant Stith.

Stith was drafted in the first round by the Nuggets in the1992 draft with the 13th overall pick. However that season would be marred with injuries (he broke a bone in his right foot in November of '92 and then broke the second metacarpal in his right hand in April of '93) limiting him to just 39 games.

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